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WTE Pedagogy Catch Up Workshop 2020

After being delayed during the lockdown, we finally managed to run this year's catch up workshop with new staff to our Kāhui Ako!

On Wednesday 17th June, staff from many of our kura came together to be introduced to Hunter's WTE pedagogy. Our group were comprised of principals, deputy principals, learning support coordinators, teacher aidesand of course—a range of wonderful classroom teachers.  With our Kāhui Ako representing fifteen schools, it was fantastic to meet such a range of people from our schools. Many huge thanks to Hilltop Primary School for agreeing to host us for the day; we loved being at your school and your students were fabulous helpers!

As always, we experienced the scenario of a 'drop write' and looked more closely at the fluency of our writing. While appreciating the logic, coherency and precision that we all demonstrated in our own writing, it was clear that fluency is still a work-on for us all when modeling good writing to our learners. 

After morning tea—provided by the fabulous team at The Maker's Kitchen—we experimented with the Sentence Train. This tool is a fantastic way to support students with creating various sentence types and helping them to appreciate that a sentence can be cast in many ways, not only as simple sentences. However, using the train really reiterates the need for students to be secure in their knowledge of what actually makes a sentence. A sentence requires a subject, a verb and must make sense by itself. 

The afternoon session was spent attempting to plan and write essays. It is important that we appreciate the written demands on our students when they arrive at NCEA level assessment scenarios. Many of us had excellent writing output and we explored ways that we might help our learners to increase this over time.

Many thanks to the staff that came along, took the time to be pushed outside of their comfort zone and learn about some of the ways we can support our learners with become successful writers. We hope to see you all again at some of our Term Three workshops.

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