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Modelling WTE at Mountview Primary School

Over the last few weeks, ASLs and classroom teachers from Mountview Primary School have collaborated to create some simple, yet effective writing lessons for various year groups. With WTE official facilitators now no longer on the ground in Taupō, ASLs are keen to support all teachers across the Kāhui Ako to maintain the momentum of the WTE writing programme.

During Week 2, 3 and 4 of this term, we have had the pleasure of visiting students and staff at Mountview Primary School. Working with students ranging from Year 2 to Year 8, ASLs modelled various skills such as teaching writing without writing, expansion and the fundamentals of sentences. 

In Room 3, Mandy and Nicola worked with students to revist the fundamentals of sentences engaging with activities that helped to consolidate the idea that a sentence has a subject, verb and must always make sense. In addition, we modelled a disappearing definition. By the end of the lesson, students had really worked out their auditory memory skills reciting a range of Hunter sentences with basic prompts. As we move towards our oral language focus, it is clear there will be many writing opportunities that will marry easily with building oral language capacity.

With Year 4 and 5, we learned about the Prepostiion Start Sentences and modelled various activities that showed how useful these types of sentences are for giving instructions. Students followed instructions to dictate a picture and then came up with their own Christmas inspired Preposition Start Sentences to add to their drawings. 

Together with Year 7 and 8, we looked at building expansion in writing by looking at the benefits of laughing. Students sorted facts into physical and emotional benefits then ranked their ideas and justified their ordering. There was much rich discussion that ensued from this activity, not to mention Mrs Milne's many jokes to inspire some laughter!

It was a pleasure, as always, to work with our Mountview whānau and we are looking forward to coming back soon.


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