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Literacy Leaders' Hui November 2019

Collaboration and sharing was paramount at the recent Literacy Leaders' Hui on Tuesday 12th November. Literacy Leaders, Senior Managers and classroom teachers came together to share their journey with WTE within the Kahui Ako. Our aim was to put plans in place for our work with student writing in 2020 and beyond.

Since beginning our journey with WTE in 2017, we have come a long way in reshaping our understanding of how to effectively teach writing. Representatives from all participating schools came together for a full day on Tuesday 12th November to pause, reflect, and create actions for what follows next.

Initally, we spent some time really focusing on the effective use of the Sentence Train. It is imperative that students at all ages are secure in their knowledge that a sentence has three fundamentals. A sentence has a subject, a verb and must makes sense. The train is an effective way of consolidating the knowledge of different sentence structures but the fundamentals must be secure in the first place. Even with students below Year 2, this is a skill that can be practised in the classroom.

After morning tea, literacy leaders revisted the CoL Writing progressions document. This was written way back in 2017 to help guide the coverage of WTE teaching across schools. Spending some time looking at these, was a valuable exercise. Some tweaks have been made and these remain aligned with NZC and LLP documents.

We then spent some time sharing expertise from across different schools. Kim Easton, Kerri Drewitt and Anne Cameron shared their jourbey with WTE at Tauhara Primary. In addition, Jo McNally from Hilltop Primary School, discussed her experience of using the programme and adapting it for priority and targetted learners both at Taupo Primary and her current school. Many thanks to these teachers for being so willing to share their successes, wonderings and actions for the future.

The importance of a clear message, when it comes to teaching writing across our Kahui Ako, was stressed. New teachers to schools in 2020 will be encouraged by Senior Leaders to attend a Catch Up workshop to do with all things WTE. This will take place early in Term 1, 2020.

A huge thank you to all of our schools who released staff to attend this hui. We've come a long way on this journey and it was good to take some time to think about our steps forward next year and beyond. 

Updated Writing Progressions Taupo Kahui Ako 2020 (2)

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